Family Garden Lot

Provide the perfect memorialization option for families who seek to provide a proper tribute in a convenient and spacious place to their departed loved ones.

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Lot size: 8 plots 4.00m x 4.88m (19.52 sq.m.)
Capacity: Up to 8 Double depth burials for a total of 16 full-body vaults or 64 cremation/bone vaults.
Memorial Structure: Up to 18" high natural stone or granite monument within the buildable area and 6 solid 16”x28”x3” granite or bronze markers within the remaining plots are allowed.


There are 2 types of Family Garden Lot according to location

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Regular Garden Lot

4th row onwards from the road


  • Base Price : 2,600,000.00
  • Plus 12%VAT : 312,000.00
  • Plus ProcFee: 10,000.00
  • Total Price : 2,922,000.00

1 Year to Pay:

  • Downpayment: 552,677.17
  • Monthly (11PDC): 255,198.36

2 Years to Pay:

  • Downpayment: 552,688.91
  • Monthly (23PDC): 122,054.03

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Special Premium Garden Lot

1st to 3rd row from the road and other special areas


  • Base Price : 3,200,000.00
  • Plus 12%VAT : 384,000.00
  • Plus ProcFee: 10,000.00
  • Total Price : 3,594,000.00

1 Year to Pay:

  • Downpayment: 677,910.38
  • Monthly (11PDC): 314,090.29

2 Years to Pay:

  • Downpayment: 677,924.81
  • Monthly (23PDC): 150,220.35

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Introducing: Memory Place Garden Lot

The first garden area inside the Heritage Park that allows for above-ground crypt and burials.

Lot size: 4.00m x 4.88m (19.52 sq.m.)
Capacity: 2 above-ground full body, 4 below-ground full body and 16 below-ground cremation/bone vaults.
Memorial Structure: Granite Crypt for 2 bodies, flat markers for below-ground and maximum of 2 granite benches are allowed
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Total Price = 4,042,000.00

Package Price includes

  • 19.52 Family Garden Lot
  • FREE Interment of 1 body below the ground at the first depth

Choice of red or grey crypt. Crypt, bench and interment service are not yet included


  • Base Price : 3,600,000.00
  • Plus PrVAT : 432,000.00
  • Plus ProcFee: 10,000.00
  • Total Price : 4,042,000.00


1 Year to Pay:

  • Downpayment: 816,400.00
  • Monthly (12PDCs): 268,800.00
  • Quarterly (4PDCs): 806,400.00
  • Semi-Annual (2PDCs): 1,612,800.00
  • Annual (1PDC): 3,225,600.00


2 Years to Pay:

  • Downpayment: 816,400.00
  • Monthly (24PDCs): 145,885.15
  • Quarterly (8PDCs): 440,326.01
  • Semi-Annual (4PDCs): 888,620.69
  • Annual (2PDCs): 1,808,817.23

5 Years to Pay:

  • Downpayment: 816,400.00
  • Monthly (60PDCs): 65,403.54
  • Quarterly (20PDCs): 197,267.11
  • Semi-Annual (10PDCs): 397,687.27
  • Annual (5PDCs): 807,872.34

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Photo Gallery of Garden Lots

Other types of memorial lot


How to avail a memorial lot?

Choose the type of lot that you want. You can avail as many as you want. Choose the type of pre-need plan that you will bundle. You can choose from Interment Plans (serbisyo sa pagpapalibing)Memorial Plans (serbisyo sa pagpapaburol) or Cremation Plans (serbisyo sa pagsusunog)

Once validated, we will assign a Sales Counselor that will contact you and handle your account.. The process will only take 1 day. For follow-up you can contact any of the following numbers (02) 0272182865 / 09171595500 (globe) / 09399285300 (smart).

Set an appointment. Our office is open from Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 3pm. Wait for the confirmation of your appointment. We have a strict "No Appointment No Entry" policy.

Prepare your checks if installment and bring 1 valid government id.


1. Each lot must be purchased together with any of our pre-need plans (1 Lot + 1 PreNeed Plan bundled policy). You may choose from Interment PlansMemorial Plans or Cremation Plans.

2. For Installment (applicable for Pre-need only), pay the downpayment and issue postdated checks for the amortization.

3. For At-need case (gagamitin na or may ipalilibing na), lot must be paid in full cash plus the Interment Service Fees 3 days before the preferred schedule of interment (pagpapalibing). Lot must still be bundled with any of our pre-need plans.

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